The Impact Campaign

The potency of Wild Butterfly lies in the ability of Claire Murray’s personal story to engage audiences on a deep emotional level whilst exposing a broad canvas of challenging contemporary truths.


In dealing with the tragic association between childhood trauma and subsequent drug dependency the film raises many confronting issues about the role played by medical, media and educational institutions.


This makes the film an ideal vehicle for a Social Impact Strategy to increase public awareness in the community and foster debate about what we can do to make a difference.


The Wild Butterfly Campaign Team has a multidisciplinary and cross-sector representation of experts from Child and Adolescent Mental Health, Alcohol and Other Drugs, Media, Medicine, Social Work, Psychology and Education.


Our team will be working closely with our campaign partners to use the film to raise trauma awareness within the general community, as well as develop trauma informed resources for relevant sectors including journalism.

This cinematic documentary would expose many of the myths and misconceptions that exist in the community around drug users. At it’s heart is one young woman is tragic life abused by her perpetrator, abused by the media, abused by the community and ultimately denied the compassion and medical treatment that would’ve been afforded to any other young mother in the community experiencing serious mental health problems.


Professor Patrick McGorry AO
Executive Director of Orygen
The National Centre of Excellence in Youth Mental Health