Wild Butterfly is a dark, complex and tragic story with strong universal themes explored through a cinematically beautiful, intimate, deeply moving yet provocative narrative.

24-year-old Claire Murray’s desperate search for a lifesaving second liver transplant becomes a trial by national media. Depicted as an ungrateful ‘junkie’ who recklessly destroyed her first transplant by relapsing into drug use, Claire is condemned by the public, who decides she is undeserving of another chance. But what the public doesn’t know is that Claire has a terrible secret:

A horrific crime that remains unsolved.

Catholic institutional cover-up, medical negligence, missing police records, and trial by mainstream and social media, are all at play in this heartbreaking and gripping real-life drama.

This is not just the tragic story of one young woman – it opens our eyes to the impacts of universal social injustices and prejudices, that could befall anyone.